Dr Karim Agha is a registered prosthodontist

He brings his extensive training, experience and professionalism to serve your dental needs from the simplest to the utmost complex.
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Are you someone who believes that there must be a dental specialist with enough knowledge and experience to advise on how to best solve your complex dental problems and help you maintain oral health, comfort and long lasting aesthetics?

Do you have missing teeth and want a truly durable replacement that can deliver ideal health, comfort and aesthetics?

Are you concerned about your smile and want a solution that can boost your self-esteem and confidence?

Have you ever had dental treatment that has fallen below your expectations and need a second opinion?

Have you been experiencing a more than usual dental maintenance of continuously breaking teeth and wonder what can deliver better?

Are you suffering from chronic headaches and sore muscles due to grinding of your teeth?

Do you have sensitive teeth and wonder why all the dentists you have seen so far could not solve your problem?

Have you lost hope and faith in dentistry due to the complexity of your dental problems and genuinely need help?

Are you hopeful to have the sparkling teeth and a healthy gorgeous smile that can show who you really are?



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Discover why a prosthodontist is as important to your teeth as a cardiologist to your heart!

Who is a prosthodontist


A prosthodontist is a registered dental specialist who specialises in the rehabilitation and maintenance of oral health, function and aesthetics through the restoration of compromised teeth and the replacement of missing teeth and oral and maxillofacial tissues. With an excellent comprehension of the latest evidence-based dental research on the clinical efficacy of dental materials and treatment techniques, a specialist prosthodontist can provide the highest possible quality of dental care for their patients. Treatment provided by Dr Karim Agha can range from simple single crowns or implants to the most complex cases of dental reconstruction using implants, crowns, bridges, veneers and dentures to best achieve optimal aesthetics and function. Ask us today about how we can solve your dental problems whether they are simple or complex. Dr Karim’s extensive portfolio of optimally treated cases speaks for the quality of work he can offer.


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